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Munich (GER)

Wanda Wild

Wanda Wild, what a wild alias you might think! But no, it’s her real name. Wanda has always had a love for energetic electronic sounds, from hard peak-time techno to danceable downtempo. During the 2020 lockdown she bought her first DJ controller off eBay and developed as a Bedroom DJ, until one of her SoundCloud sets caught the attention of the Passau-based collective Villa TuNichtGut, which she subsequently became a part of. 

Wanda quickly realized she wants to pursue DJing full-time and dropped out of higher education to focus on her music career. After her first successful gig at Munich’s Bahnwaerther Thiel in October 2021 she quickly secured herself a residency at the renowned techno club. In the following months she was invited to showcase her skills in other cities across the country, including appearances at world famous Berlin clubs Katerblau, Sisyphos and KitKat.

Her style is unique and dynamic. Playing with genres and moods her sets always take you on a dramatic healing journey. Rumbly dreamy and intense, always highly energetic but still melodic. She mixes progressive house, melodic techno and techno on a range from 122-128 bpm.

As an avid dancer, what sets Wanda apart is her sensitivity to the dancefloor and her ability to adapt her sets on the fly. Her visual identity is unmistakable, wearing eclectic stage outfits and spotting tattoos and jewelry across her arms. 

Still only 26 years old, and currently learning how to produce the musical sound she envisions for herself, she will have plenty of time to make her dreams come true and make dancefloors around the planet go wild. 




Wanda Wild